How to protect your identity online.

1. Think Carefully When Entering Information Online

Make sure that you have a secure connection when providing personal or financial information online. The URL in the address bar should change from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” or “SHTTP.” A closed padlock symbol by the URL can also show that the connection is secure.

2. Don’t share information

Before you give anyone personal information…

Photo by Fiona Art from Pexels
Photo by Fiona Art from Pexels

I’m always reading ‘How To’ books. I read all types of books and magazines, but the “How To’ ones are like mini-education classes or even big education classes depending on the subject and content.

I have written ‘How To’ articles and planning an instructional book down the road. I always…

The piercing whistle from a passing train turns my head toward the train station. A sign catches my eye. “Help me. I’m homeless.” Beneath the sign sits a mousey-haired middle-aged man, wearing a red flannel shirt, ripped cargo pants, and no shoes.

His handled-bar mustache covers his parched lips as…

Financial District Post 911

I remember September 11, 2001, clearly.

My daughter Isabella had just turned one year old. I was getting us ready to leave for Peterson Air Force Base where I worked and where Isabella attended daycare. I caught a bit of the news.

Someone stated that an airplane had crashed into…

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Curious traveler, perpetual student, self-appointed recorder for the tribe, storyteller working in data intelligence. #Writer #ContentCurator #HowTo

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